How SEEF Supports our School:

  • A laptop provided for technology parapro- Amy Ryan

“Amy Ryan has gone above and beyond in her position at Simpson. She has become an integral part of the media center and my go to for any tech issues. Any time I have called, emailed, or shown up in the learning commons needing help she has offered support and multiple solutions to get things done. Amy spearheaded STEAM-a-palooza and helps bridge the technology support gap that our students, teachers, and community need.”- Kerri Waller

  • STEAM supply purchases

“SEEF has funded art class STEAM activities that have directly impacted my students. Students created shrink plastic keyrings as identifiers for their laptop bags. We learned about scale, proportion, and the science that goes into the shrinking of the the plastic. This year, SEEF also helped fund my ability to attend professional development/conferences. I am able to both teach other art teachers and attend sessions that impact my growth as an educator. I am able to bring back the new lessons, ideas, tools and techniques and share them with my CCSD art teachers and students.” – Kerri Waller


  • iPad and cases for Learning Commons

“After an amazing book fair, we found that the proceeds from the fair were enough for 10 iPads, but the proceeds didn’t stretch far enough to cover the required cases. SEEF’s ability to close that gap enabled us to purchase the iPads! Currently, these are the only iPads Simpson has for student use. All students have benefitted from this grant. We have used them for a number of STEAM projects. Students have created augmented reality elements, developed apps, and collaborated on numerous audio/visual projects. SEEF’s mission is to create a world-class education, and this grant helps to provide that for Simpson students. Thank you, SEEF!” – Spring Voltz

  • Teacher Conferences – ISTE Conference, GA Children’s Literature,  NAEA Conference, GAEA Conference

“The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference is known worldwide as one of the best education technology conferences. With over 900 sessions, there was truly a session for every issue, software, and hardware impacting education today. Taking the information that I learned there, I was able to bring to Simpson students and teachers. From augmented reality to makerspace integration, ISTE has impacted the education of Simpson’s students. Making connections with over educators and vendors means that the learning didn’t stop at the end of the conference. I am learning daily from peers that share their knowledge via social media.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am proud that the Simpson community was able to help to make this dream a reality!” – Spring Voltz

  • Gimkit Program (August 2022)
  • 3D Printer for the Learning Commons

               Thank you note from- Dr.Mitchell :


Letter from Principal_06.2022