Simpson Foundation Educational Grants

Program Overview


Educational Grants enable the Foundation to make a direct impact to students by fulfilling needs identified by Simpson Middle School faculty and staff.


Each year the Simpson Foundation Board of Directors will budget a specific dollar amount for Faculty and Staff grants. Grant applications will be accepted and evaluated over the course of the school year. The Foundation meets once a month.

Grant applications will be reviewed, evaluated and prioritized by the Board according to the criteria that follows. Grants may be declined or approved in whole or in part.

In the unlikely case that no applications are received, or no applications are deemed to have sufficiently met the evaluation criteria, then it is appropriate that the Board awards no grants for the year

Application Guidelines

  • All grant requests must be submitted on an official grant applications form.
  • Faculty and Staff requesting a grant must be current members of the Simpson Foundation.
  • Grant forms may be returned in hardcopy to the Foundation safe in the Front Office (to the attention of the Teacher Grants) or by email to teachergrants@simpsonfoundation.net.
  • Faculty or Staff requesting grants may expect a response from the Board within approximately 30 days following the application deadline.
  • Grants must be redeemed in the school year in which they are approved  or are considered to be forfeited.
  • Faculty or Staff members who are awarded a grant shall agree to provide input to Foundation communications showcasing the purpose and benefits of educational grants.

Evaluation Criteria

Successful grant requests will be considered to have reasonably addressed the following criteria.

  • Alignment with Foundation mission : The request must fall within the mission of the Foundation; to ensure a world-class education through enhanced educational opportunities that cannot be funded through existing avenues of district support. This includes, but is not limited to, educational software, technical equipment, curriculum materials and continuing education.
  • Scholastic Impact: If the request is fulfilled, in what ways will it help students achieve and exceed established standards?
  • Innovation: How does the request allow for innovative approaches to learning and preparing students for a more dynamic world?
  • Scope of benefits: Who and how many will benefit from the project? Can it serve as a model for others in the future? How will other teachers be informed about the use or availability of the requested item?
  • Duration of benefits : How will the request, if fulfilled, provide a sustainable or recurring benefit in future years?
  • Direct benefit : To what extent does the project directly impact students and student learning?
  • Other Means: Can the requestor meet the goal or objective through other means?
  • Commitment by grant requestor: Does the requestor agree to train and share his/her knowledge with other staff?
  • Foundation Resources: Can the request be funded in whole, or logically in, by part approved Foundation resources?


Your application may be returned in hardcopy to the Foundation safe in the Front Office (to the attention of the Teacher Grants) or by email to teachergrants@simpsonfoundation.net

Please click below to download the form: