We are very excited about the 2017-18 school year and our school’s efforts to attain STEAM certification! Please learn more about the Simpson Foundation below.


The Simpson Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to providing the leadership and financial support necessary to ensure a world-class education through enhanced educational opportunities for all Simpson Middle School students and staff. The Foundation is funded through annual family donations, community donations, and fundraising events.

Board of Directors

The Foundation Board is comprised of Simpson parents, school administrators and teachers, who volunteer their time to raise money, allocate resources and determine future projects.
President: Cary Ryan
Vice President: Julia Lindsey
Treasurer: Cindy Smoak
Secretary: Jill Le
Communications & Corporate Matching: Mirna Lee
Principal and Teacher Representatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Simpson Middle School have a Foundation?

The Simpson Foundation was established to provide educational opportunities for Simpson students that surpass the standard curriculum. The Foundation can purchase equipment, build facilities, fund programs and pay staff salaries for programs not included in the Cobb County School District budget. The Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organization; every dollar contributed goes directly to fund programs and instruction for all Simpson students. We can pioneer new projects, fund capital improvements or buy needed equipment, but we cannot do it without your support.

Why should I care whether our school has a Foundation?

The government continues to cut funding for public education. A Foundation is the vehicle by which parents can contribute directly to maintaining the high standards we demand for our children. Students in a school without a Foundation have far fewer resources than students in a school with a vibrant Foundation whose programs enhance their education. Our students not only need, but deserve, a Foundation to provide them with the best educational resources possible in order to remain competitive in high school and beyond.

I gave money last year, why do I have to give again this year?

Every year the Foundation works to not only maintain existing commitments, but to pioneer new projects, fund capital improvements and buy needed equipment. We depend on your donations to continue to increase the school’s resources, even as the government makes less money available to the school. Making the Foundation a part of your annual charitable giving directly benefits your child’s education.

Does the money raised from family donations cover all expenses?

No, unfortunately it does not. Our goal is to cover as much as possible with the money raised through the family donations. We also sponsor special events during the school year to raise additional funds to replace equipment and supplies, purchase new technology and upgrades, and plan for future educational opportunities.

Why can’t students just learn from a book?

Imagine trying to teach your child a sport such as football, basketball or tennis. Could your child read a book and learn about the sport? Yes, of course, but will they be able to play the sport? Not really. In order to learn a sport, kids need to touch the ball, practice throwing or hitting the ball, and experience the sport as it was meant to be played. The same holds true for academic learning. To maximize their understanding and retention, students need to experience learning in a hands-on environment. The technology and educational resources funded by the Foundation enhance the learning environment for all students at Simpson.

How do I donate to the Foundation?

Donate online or complete the printable form. You can leave the completed form in the blue Foundation mailbox in the school’s front office. A thank-you note and receipt for your monetary donation will be sent to your home. Your investment will make a difference in providing outstanding educational opportunities for your child.

Do I have to be a Simpson parent to join?

No! We welcome donations from grandparents, other relatives, alumni, community members and business owners. Please share this information with others or direct them to our website.
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Tooltip TextDonate to the Simpson Foundation today and support a group of dedicated parents, school administrators and teachers working to enhance the educational opportunities for all students at Simpson. Donations are 100% tax deductible. Your generosity is a critical part of maintaining the school’s commitment to a first-rate learning environment.

How to Donate

You may donate online or access the printable form. You do not need a PayPal account to donate online. If completing a paper form, please send it with your check made payable to SEEF to school with your child, drop it off at the school front office, or mail it to Simpson Foundation, Attention: Treasurer, 3340 Trickum Road, Marietta, GA  30066. Most families choose to donate on Soaring Day, when they are given an option to pay with cash, check or credit card.

Matching Donations

Multiply your gift to the Foundation by having your employer match your donation. Simply let us know who your/your spouse’s employer is by emailing investment@simpsonfoundation.net, and we will find out if they have a matching gift program and let you know.

Contribute to the United Way? Select the Simpson Eagles Educational Foundation to receive part of your contribution.

Tax Information

The Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax deductible. Our Tax Identification Number is 20-4643783.

For more information about donating to the Foundation, contact president@simpsonfoundation.net.

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Donate Online

Please complete the form below, and click on the “Go To Paypal” button at the end of the form to make your donation.  If you have any questions, please email us at donations@simpsonfoundation.net.

Don’t have a paypal account?  Look for this area on paypal after completing your form below.

As a thank you for your investment, we are offering following gifts (while supplies last):

  • Eaglet ($60) and above receives 1 lunch buddy pass & 8GB flash drive
  • Full-Fledged ($125) and above receives 3 lunch buddy passes & 8GB flash drive
  • Flying Eagle ($200) and above receives 6 lunch buddy passes & 8GB flash drive
  • Soaring Eagle ($500) and above receives 6 lunch buddy passes, 8GB flash drive & Spirit Store gift card

Thank you for investing in your child’s education!

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