STEAM Speaker Spotlight – Mrs. Shelley O’Malley

Thank You, Mrs. O’Malley!

Mrs. Shelley O’Malley, First Officer Delta Pilot, visited with our 8th graders during their STEAM block on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. Mrs. O’Malley talked about her career as both a Navy and a Delta pilot, about engineering and STEAM, and about technological revolution of our time. She addressed constant advancements in the aviation industry, as well as various forces at work a pilot must take into account when flying an airplane such as lift, weight, thrust and drag. She encouraged students to be curious, think big and not be afraid of failure. Students then had an opportunity to brainstorm and present ideas in various areas of improvement at home, school and community. It was such a fun and interactive experience.

Mrs. O’Malley’s Presentation

Thank you Mrs. O’Malley!

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For more information on STEAM at Simpson, take a look at this STEAM FAQ post.