STEAM Speaker Spotlight – Mr. Rob Madayag

Thank You, Mr. Madayag!

We had an honor and a privilege of having our first STEAM parent speaker visit with all of the 6th and 7th graders during their STEAM block on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Mr. Rob Madayag is a patent attorney, a chemical engineer and a proud parent of two Simpson students. He shared invaluable information about his career, intellectual property and STEAM education in general. He encouraged the students to invent, and never listen to anyone telling them they can’t do something. And he stressed how important STEAM education is in teaching us how to problem solve and think.

Mr. Madayag’s Presentation
Rocket Engine Patent Application Written by Mr. Madayag
United States Patent and Trademark Office Website for Kids – has lots of fun activities and information


STEAM Activity – Young Minds at Work!

Students also worked on a Trash Can Liner STEAM activity suggested by Mr. Madayag. They learned about the inventor who also founded Girl Scouts, came up with lots of creative ideas and new uses for this invention as well as created their own trademarks.

Thank you for the awesome visit, Mr. Madayag!

We Need You!

If you are a parent interested in coming in and sharing your expertise with the students, please fill out an online Career Form. We would love to have you!

For more information on STEAM at Simpson, take a look at this STEAM FAQ post.