STEAM Speaker Spotlight – Mr. Kirill Grouchnikov

Thank You, Mr. Grouchnikov!

Mr. Kirill Grouchnikov, Software Engineer at Google working on the Android project, visited with our 6th graders during their STEAM block on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Mr. Grouchnikov talked about computer evolution throughout the years, hardware and software components, programming and creating technology for the world we live in. He connected computers to space exploration, earthquakes, hurricanes, language, human brain, human body, cars and everything in between! He stressed that although computers have enormous speed and power, “without us they are just metal, plastic and glass.” Students showed great interest and asked lots of questions. It was a very informative and amazing look at technology and its presence in our daily lives. Thank you Mr. Grouchnikov!

Mr. Grouchnikov’s Presentation

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For more information on STEAM at Simpson, take a look at this STEAM FAQ post.