Foundation Initiatives

Funding Initiatives

Each year the Simpson Foundation Board of Directors evaluates a variety of funding initiatives with input from parents, faculty and staff. Initiatives are targeted based on scholastic impact, cost/benefit, and whether the initiative reflects the Foundation’s mission to strengthen the academic achievement and educational outcomes of Simpson students.

In school year 2017-18, your generosity helped us fund educational opportunities not covered by the Cobb County budget, and supported our school’s STEAM education efforts by providing:

 Supplemental salary for a technology support professional – $13,000
 Teacher Grants for classroom needs & professional development – $10,000
Think Tanks and Learning Commons – $10,000
 Problem-Based Learning materials – $10,000
 School-wide STEAM support – $17,000

In school year 2018-19, the Foundation’s goal is to continue funding items above PLUS the following:
 Additional laptop carts – $100,000
 Completion of Learning Commons – $15,000